Create an online radio station?

Make a free trial for 10 days and find out how.

“For five years BRLOGIC has been providing streaming services for Rádio Conectados. We utilize the full platform with a Website, streaming and a studio cam. Do you have any questions about how to create your online radio station? Contact BRLOGIC.”
Rafael Schmidt - Rádio Conectados

How to create an online radio station?

To make an online radio (web rádio) you need a streaming provider to stream live or recorded (playlists via Auto DJ), a domain itself and a website to insert the player from your radio. See below 10 steps to learn how to set up an online radio station.

Step 1:
Create your free trial account grátis.
Step 2:
Set the name of your radio.
Step 3:
Go to the radio's management control panel.
Step 4:
Follow the step by step available in your control panel.
Step 5:
Complete all the recommended tasks in the step-by-step.
Step 6:
Monitor your email during the 10-day trial for tips and hints.
Step 7:
At the end of the test period, choose a BRLOGIC plan (from 69 per month).
Step 8:
At the time of signing up, register your own domain for your online radio station.
Step 9:
Integrate your email service to create custom emails:
Step 10
Congratulations! Your online radio station is ready and you can now officially broadcast it.
BRLOGIC is the best solution to create an online radio station. We offer streaming solutions for all kinds of radios. In addition to live or Auto DJ broadcast, we have created the best Website for online radios, which adapts to any device (desktop, tablet and smartphone). To complement the audio of your online radio station, we provide campaigns and short programs automatically updated by Auto DJ. Our customers monitor the audience of their radios through a modern panel with statistics based geolocation and updated in real time. Create your online radio free for 10 days, click here.