Audio streaming for online radio stations

Broadcast live from your studio or set the Auto DJ to broadcast automatically

Audio streaming to create an online radio station

Professional solution for streaming audio with exclusive geolocation-based listener reporting


Some features

We have the perfect solution for your online radio

Unlimited listeners
Plans without simultaneous listener limits. Choose the plan based on the monthly data consumption and track the reports in real time.
Scheduling playlists
Create playlists and schedule it. Perfect for keeping your radio online 24 hours, even when your computer is off.
Time announcement
Add time announcements in your playlist to keep your listeners aware of it.
Short Programs
1 to 2 minute programs with various contents to fill your schedule and make your radio even better. Learn more
Player Gallery
Players to insert into sites and blogs partners. We also offer many bar options for the top of the website.
Create a unique password for each studio / broadcaster and have complete control over your staff while maintaining the security of your radio.
Upload your audio files to generate a player and insert it on any website or blog on the Internet. Perfect for creating interviews and podcasts.
Campaigns and spots
Complement, inform and educate your audience with the top campaigns and spots on everyday topics and commemorative dates.
SSL certificate included
Streaming servers configured in a secure environment, following the best practices and recommendations of the market.
Playback history
View and export consolidated reports (Live and Auto DJ) of the audios played on your radio.
Real-time audience report with geolocation
Track your audience in real time and find out where your listener is on an interactive map, divided by:
  • Country
  • State
  • City

Complete solution for audio streaming

No matter the size of your audience. Perfect for all types of radios!

Make live broadcasts from your computer / studio.

Upload your music, create playlists and keep everything in the cloud using our Auto DJ.

Create podcasts and make interviews and shows recorded on your site.

Nothing compares with BRLOGIC streaming
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BRLOGIC is the best solution to start an online radio station. We offer streaming solutions for all kinds of radios. In addition to live or Auto DJ broadcast, we have created the best website for online radios, which adapts to any device (desktop, tablet and smartphone). To complement the audio content of your online radio station, we provide campaigns and short programs automatically updated by Auto DJ. Our customers monitor the audience of their online radios through a modern panel with geolocation-based statistics and updated in real time. To create your online radio station free for 7 days, click here.
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