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Stream live or let the Auto DJ run your radio on autopilot
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Live Streaming

Stream live from your computer or studio, from anywhere in the world.

Autopilot via Auto DJ

Upload your audio files, organize them into playlists and set the schedule time. Your radio is 100% on autopilot.

Dynamic Queue Exclusive

Instantly add any type of audio file to your recorded schedule without having to edit your playlists.

Stream in AAC+ and MP3

Stream your radio in an extremely popular format and compatible with whatever device your listener is using.

Compatible with the software you use

Our servers are compatible with the most popular streaming software using the Icecast/Shoutcast protocol. Oddcast, SamCast, BUTT, RadioCaster, Simplecast, Opticodec, etc.

The most powerful statistics system for online radio

Interactive map Listeners by country, state and city Audience history Playback history

The best player builder
in the world

Cover of song or program

Current track name

Schedule grid

Link to your radio

Share link

Pop-up player


Player compatible with Google Cast

Your radio on TVs and other compatible devices

The most complete platform

Other Features you'll Love

Right time announcements

Insert right-time ads with female or male voiceovers into your playlists.

Multi broadcasters

Create a password for each announcer to facilitate the management of access to live broadcasts.


Make audio files available on your website or blog for listening at any time.

The largest audio library

Short programs

A large number of 1 to 2 minute programs with different contents to enhance your schedule, keeping your audience informed.

Campaigns and Spots

Complement, inform and educate your audience with content on everyday topics and commemorative dates.

Vignette Packs

More than 50 free vignettes to insert in your programming and make your radio attractive and professional.

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