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Complete radio to broadcast live and Auto DJ at 96kbps. Includes radio website with a Classic theme and all campaigns, programs and complete programs.

USD 24 0% OFF
USD 24
USD 24 40% OFF
USD 14
monthly Billed annually
EUR 23 0% OFF
EUR 23
EUR 23 40% OFF
EUR 13
monthly Billed annually

Live Stream & Auto DJ

96kbps of Stream Quality

2TB of Bandwidth

15GB of Disk Space for Auto DJ

Complete audio library

Radio website Classic

Links page

Email accounts

Web App & Android App


All the features of the Essential plan and more: 128 kbps transmission, 10 email accounts, Modern theme for the radio website, 60 GB of storage and unlimited transfer.

USD 41 0% OFF
USD 41
USD 41 40% OFF
USD 24
monthly Billed annually
EUR 38 0% OFF
EUR 38
EUR 38 40% OFF
EUR 22
monthly Billed annually

Live Stream & Auto DJ

128kbps of Stream Quality

Unlimited bandwidth

60GB of Disk Space for Auto DJ

Complete audio library

Radio website Classic and Modern

Links page

10 Email accounts

Web App & Android App

Instant release
Safe purchase
Your satisfation guaranteed or your money back

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Compare plans


USD 14 USD 24 monthly
Billed annually
EUR 13 EUR 23 monthly
Billed annually


USD 24 USD 41 monthly
Billed annually
EUR 22 EUR 38 monthly
Billed annually


USD 36 USD 61 monthly
Billed annually
EUR 33 EUR 56 monthly
Billed annually

Audio broadcast

Stream quality

96 kbps

128 kbps

192 kbps

Simultaneous listeners








MP3 and AAC streaming

Live through compatible software (Butt, Oddcast, etc.)

Streaming with SSL

Players compatible with Google Cast


Multiple broadcast passwords

Listener blocking

History of played audios

Auto DJ

Disk space for songs, commercials and vignettes




24/7 on air without the need for an announcer

Dynamic queue


Right time with female and male voice

Smart playlists interspersing vignettes, commercials and timing

Playlist scheduling

Audience statistics

Real-time audience

Listeners by country, state and city

IP, Device and Time connected per listener

Average, Maximum and Total Sessions

Total connected time across sessions

Audio library

Educational and commemorative campaigns

Vignette pack

Complete programs

1 to 2 minute programs


Themes for the radio website


Classic and Modern

Classic and Modern

Complete website for the radio

Drag and drop website builder

Bar or floating player


Website optimized for SEO

Links page



Player builder

Player with album cover

Bar for own or partner websites

URL generator (icecast, pls, m3u)



Chat with player

Message boards

Song request

Online announcer

Schedule grid

Domain and Email

Register your own domain

Use an existing domain

Redirect domain to Links page

Own email accounts (



Disk space per email account

1 GB

1 GB

Skill & Apps

Alexa Skill

On request

On request

On request

Web App (PWA) compatible with iOS, Android & PC

Android application published on Google Play

Technical support



Remote access

Frequently asked questions

Creating a web radio with our platform is very simple and you will have all our technical support to make it online. All you need is a computer connected to the internet and a microphone to start a live broadcast. When purchasing a plan with us you will also be able to leave your radio on autopilot through Auto DJ.

Our platform was created precisely to assist in the digital transformation of your radio station. When purchasing a plan with us, we will help you capture audio from your station's studio and distribute it on the internet through players on websites, apps and voice assistants.

The app builder is available on the Premium plan. You can publish a Web App (compatible with iOS & Android) and also create a native application to be published directly on Google Play. This way, Android users will be able to search for your radio and download the app for free from the official store.

Yes. If you already have your own website, you can use our players and widgets to play your radio directly on your website. In addition to the available players, you can integrate widgets to display the broadcaster's name and the schedule, send music requests and provide a message board. If you want to have even more interaction with your listeners, you can also add a player chat room.

Yes. You can schedule a service via remote access at no additional cost. Our team will assist you with the necessary configurations to make the connection between your computer and our servers, making your live broadcast ready to be made available on your online radio.

Not necessary. We offer a free sub-domain for your radio. If you want to register a new domain or associate your radio with a domain already registered with another company, we will be able to assist you with the necessary configurations.

Yes. If you already have a domain registered on the internet, you can choose between pointing it to our servers (maintaining the registration with the current company) or transferring the management of your domain to BRLOGIC (it is necessary to pay the renewal fee in advance to carry out the transfer of the domain). Contact us and check the necessary conditions.

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