Internet Radio Hosting

Internet radio hosting via Icecast and Shoutcast protocols
What is
Internet Radio Hosting?

Internet Radio Hosting is a service offered by hosting providers for streaming audio to radio stations, be they traditional or just online radio. This service is responsible for distributing the station's audio to listeners, in addition to offering additional services, such as statistics, applications, website and even content to complement the station's programming.

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The best solution for internet radio hosting

Internet Radio Live

Stream live from your computer or studio, anywhere in the world.

Internet Radio DJ

Upload your audio files, organize them into playlists and set the appointment time. Your radio 100% on autopilot.

Internet Radio Queue Exclusivo

Instantly add any type of audio file to your recorded schedule without having to edit your playlists.

Internet Radio Station

Make your radio streaming available in an extremely popular format that is compatible with any device your listener is using.

Internet Radio Encoder

Our servers are compatible with the most popular streaming software through the Icecast/Shoutcast protocol. Oddcast, SamCast, BUTT, RadioCaster, Simplecast, Opticodec, etc.

3 reasons to choose BRLOGIC

Easy and fast The fastest and easiest way to create your own internet radio station
Safe and Robust Secure and reliable radio hosting compatible with Icecast and shoutcast
All in one A complete ecosystem with everything your radio station needs
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The most powerful statistics system for radio stations

Interactive map Listeners by country, state and city Audience history Playback history

Resources available for your radio station

Live and Auto DJ

Stream live from your studio or set up Auto DJ to run your playlists.

Unlimited listeners

Choose the plan based on monthly traffic consumption and follow the reports in real time.

Playlist scheduling

Create playlists and set playtime. Perfect for keeping your radio online 24 hours a day, even when your computer is off.

Audio library

Short Programs, Campaigns and Vignette Packages to enhance your radio's programming.

Time announcement in Auto DJ

Add timely headlines with male and female voices to your playlist to keep your listener up to date.


Create a unique password for each studio / announcer and have full control over your team, keeping your radio secure.


Send your audio files to generate a player and make them available on any website or blog on the internet. Perfect for making interviews available.

SSL certificate included

Streaming servers configured in a secure environment, following best practices and market recommendations.

Get startedAM/FM/DAB radio?

Radio players

Create and customize a player for your internet radio station or use our ready-made templates Learn more

Website for radios

Create and customize an awesome website for your internet radio station Learn more

App for radios

Build your own app for your internet radio station compatible with iOS, Android & PC Learn more

Frequently asked questions

Of course, without a doubt. We developed the BRLOGIC platform to allow everyone to create their own internet radio, even if you are not a radio professional or a traditional broadcaster. In addition, we offer several tutorials in our help center to allow you to fully utilize all the features offered.

Yes. We offer all the support and support necessary to clarify your doubts. Just send a call in your customer area. We respond in less than 24 business hours (and most of the time, in less than 2 hours).