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Incorporate fantastic features into your radio website such as a chat room, message board, song requests, online announcer and program schedule.

Chat with Player
Message Board
Song Requests
Online Broadcaster
Program Schedule


Easily create an HTML5 player using our player builder or embed ready-made players, available in bar format, ideal for top and bottom.
    Floating player option for your website Exclusive for the manageable website

    The best player builder
    in the world

    Cover of song or program

    Current track name

    Schedule grid

    Link to your radio

    Share link

    Pop-up player


    Media Session API

    A powerful player integrated into your device

    Our players are integrated with the Media Session API to provide a more enjoyable experience every time. Follow along with details such as song name, program schedule, and even album art.

    Creating your own player?

    Generate a URL compatible with your application

    If you are a developer and want to create your own player, our URL generator allows you to generate the streaming URL in up to 3 formats.

    Player compatible with Google Cast

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