Anti-Spam Policy

Check below the anti-spam standards strictly followed in our servers

BRLOGIC is a RADIOBOX HOSTING LLC brand and some services may be provided under BRLOGIC name.

To use the email service, it is necessary that the subscription plan has this feature, in addition to the use of the website hosting service provided with the subscription plan with its own domain. The email service uses a shared server, and the good conduct of all users is expected so that we can guarantee its full operation.

Some practices are not allowed:

  • SPAM: is defined as the sending of unsolicited emails. In addition, unsolicited emails are increasingly ignored by recipients and increase the rejection of email providers against the companies that send them. Thus, even commercially, spam is something to be repudiated.
  • Transactional email: emails sent automatically, usually pertaining to some service (password recovery, billing, etc.).
  • Email marketing: newsletter, promoting content and the like.

BRLOGIC, in sync with the best practices of the internet and the most influential non-governmental bodies on the internet and following the call of its users, comes to expose its anti-spam commitment. This commitment has always existed, and is automatically accepted when hiring any service provided by BRLOGIC.

The sending of marketing and transactional emails is not allowed. The email service focuses on private messages. Marketing and transactional emails often cause harm to the shared email server, when not sent in a controlled manner. We recommend the use of specialized services for sending messages in these categories.

Failure to follow this email service usage policies will result in notification, followed by account suspension for 24 hours. In the event of a repeated offense, the email service will be canceled. In the case of spam, this rule is also valid even if our SMTP servers are not used to send emails, but were sent with the purpose of publicizing a website hosted on our servers.

The email is available to send reports or questions.