BRLOGIC account

Please read the terms of use of this service carefully

Last updated on: 23-Nov-2021.

BRLOGIC is a RADIOBOX HOSTING LLC brand and some services may be provided under BRLOGIC name.

1. Concerning account BRLOGIC

Upon creating your BRLOGIC account you will be able to test and contract any BRLOGIC’s service, be invited to administer an Internet radio and receive support for the services which we offer.

We require to create the account only your name and email, however, it is possible to insert other data. Our Privacy Policy explains in detail which data is collected, being accessed at

You will be able to cancel your BRLOGIC account at any moment, provided that it does not have an active service. BRLOGIC reserves the right to cancel your account at any moment, without prior notice, if the terms of use are infringed.

2. Contracting of services

We make available a test period for certain services. The duration of the test and the period to subscribe can vary in accordance with the service. Contact our support for specific terms of each service.

Upon contracting a service, you shall be subject to the specific contract of the service, which explains in detail what it is and its acceptable use. The acceptance of the specific contract is mandatory for the contracting thereof and does not exclude this term.

3. Invitation to administer other Internet radios

Your BRLOGIC account allows you to be invited to take part in an Internet radio contracted by another user of BRLOGIC. The one inviting you shall define the access level to the resources of the Internet radio and shall be able to revoke your invitation at any moment.

Upon accepting the invitation to take part you shall be subject to the service contract. It is indispensable that before accepting the invitation you request the service contract. If you do not agree, refuse the invitation. You shall be able to stop taking part in any Internet radio at any moment.

BRLOGIC only makes available the platform for the interaction between you and the Internet radio which invited you. There is no link of employment or rendering of services between you and BRLOGIC and these issues shall be discussed and agreed solely and exclusively with the authority for the Internet radio which invited you.

BRLOGIC also does not interfere in any way in the execution of the invitation or its revoking, unless there is judicial order to the contrary.

4. Technical support

You shall be able to receive full attendance of the technical support of BRLOGIC for any service contracted. If you are the guest of an Internet radio, you shall only receive support for the resources which you have access.

5. Update of the terms of service, etc.

Upon updating the terms of use the date referring to the update at the start of this document shall be added. The amendments come into force 30 days after their publication or immediately after their acceptance.

Upon agreeing with the terms of use, you also agree with our other policies and terms, available at